Sweetie‘s lil bro.

The LL8 is a tiny eight-track trigger sequencer for your eurorack.

The little brother of the Sweet 16 got some skills!

Program your patterns like on a classic TR machine. Record patterns with your fingertips. Create random patterns at the touch of a button.

Turn your patterns into exciting performances with the mute and fill function.

The LL8 has 16 patterns with up to 16 steps. Create longer rhythms by chaining multiple patterns.

Enter the world of modular drums with the Robaux Little Eight.

Get your Lil Eight at:


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MIDI Adapter

With the LL8 you can use MIDI devices like drum machines or samplers.

Each track of the sequencer can output an individual MIDI note to one of 16 MIDI channels.

The new Robaux MIDI adapter now has a space-saving mini jack and could be reduced to a width of 2HP. The adapter can be used for both MIDI Type A and MIDI Type B.

However, you can also easily make the adapter yourself and adapt it to your own needs. Have a look at the schematic.



Download the manual.

Japanese Manual

Beatsville Shop was kind enough to translate the User Manual into Japanese: Chotto mite!

Assembly Guide

Download the assembly guide.


Download Firmware 0.42 (Original)

Download Firmware 0.69

Attention: When updating the firmware, all patterns and settings will be overwritten! To transfer a firmware update you need a computer with a serial USB interface. Since the heart of the sequencer is an ATMega328, especially an Arduino UNO is excellent. But it also work with standard interfaces such as FT232 or similar. You also need the transfer program AVRDude which comes with the Arduino software. AVRDude is a command line utility. But there are also graphical interfaces, for example HexUploader (MacOS) or Xloader (Windows). The Update folder contains the firmware hex files which you can transfer to the device. Connect your LL8 to your serial port, select your serial interface in AVRDude or a corresponding program as well as the HEX file and transfer it to the LL8. If you have any questions, please contact



Number of Tracks: 8


Number of Patterns: 16 (chainable)


1 x Clock In


8 x Trigger Out

1 x MIDI Out (adapter required)

User interface

20 x tact switches


Width: 10HP

Requires a ±12V eurorack supply.