Bienvenue dans le tripot!

The Robaux 3PT is a multimode three-channel control voltage generator.

The handy knob with the triple ring-shaped voltage indicator makes the module the ideal performance tool. The Tripot has three control voltage channels which can be adjusted with three parameter trimmers. Instead of using the big knob, the device can also be controlled via the CV input.

The module offers seven different modes. These include a performance tool, chord generator, random generator, quantizer, sequencer or LFO.

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Download the manual.

Japanese Manual

Beatsville Shop was kind enough to translate the User Manual into Japanese: Chotto mite!



1 x CV In, unipolar 5V


3 x CV Out, unipolar 5V

User interface

3 x ring-shaped led display

1 x push button

1 x big knob

9 x trimmers


Width: 10HP

Requires a ±12V eurorack supply.